Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mozart's skull confirmed?

Austrian scientists have been doing DNA tests on a skull sitting in a Salzburg museum to see if it really belongs to Mozart. Mozart was buried in a grave with 4 or 5 other bodies, but a gravedigger later went and got a skull which then ended up in the collection of a museum in Salzburg, Austria. This skull shows evidence of head injury , so if it really is Mozart's, then it could explain the headaches the musician suffered in his last year of life. Mozart's final illness went pretty fast, raising the question of foul play .

The new DNA tests compare DNA from the skull to DNA from the bones of known relatives, whose graves were identified in 2004. The results of the DNA testing will be televised at the end of this week.

UPDATE, Jan 11: It's a bust- the DNA tests were ambiguous

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