Monday, November 07, 2005

Me Tarzan. You Jane.

Via Metafilter, a scientific survey of the best pick-up lines. By scientific, they mean evolutionary psychology, which produces gems like this:

Chat-up lines, and other openings used to initiate a relationship with a woman, can be viewed as male displays. How well does their effectiveness accord with predictions from evolutionary psychology? 205 undergraduates (142 female, 63 male) rated 40 vignettes; in each vignette, a man approached a woman and the raters judged whether she would continue the conversation. Openings involving jokes, empty compliments and sexual references received poor ratings. Those revealing, e.g., helpfulness, generosity, athleticism, ‘culture’ and wealth, were highly rated. Although the length of the vignette—confounded here with item content—affected the rating, differences remained after the effects of length were eliminated. The success of openings which demonstrated culture was predicted from Miller’s (2000) ‘mating mind’ hypothesis; the success of others could be predicted from patterns of parental investment.

My favorite, and Metafilter's too:"Ten-ton polar bear."
"What," replied the young brunette at the bar. "Well, it breaks the ice, doesn't it," we said, optimistically.

UPDATE: the EvoPsych abstract was originally at Dienekes . Must have missed it.

Update: A pretty hilarious skewering of the evolutionary take.

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