Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Blogs, the career killer

Slate has another go at the idea that Blogs are the kiss of death for academics. I sure don't hope so! But I find the reasoning for (and against) this idea a bit unconvincing; there are just too many variables to assume that blogs would be definitive in either direction. I would guess the only certainty is publish or perish; so if you're writing on a blog, you're not doing your academic duty 24/7.

One very lame thing in the article is they mention John Hawks' anthropology blog as an example of a good academic effort-- and then they don't link to it. This is especially silly because John had a recent post lampooning the blogs=death meme.

Read to the end of the Slate essay for a happy ending.

UPDATE: Via Pharyngula , The Chronicle of Higher Education has an essay responding to their original cautionary tales . Again, though, it's one person's experience. I think it's going to be very tough to generalize. I like it, I do it, I hope to be employed.

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