Thursday, July 28, 2005

Blog Idol

Via Blogdex, Todd Mintz tells of an experiment comparing blog growth . He started pseudonymous blogs for each of the contestants of American Idol and posted with the same frequency for all.

The result was that the most popular Idol, Bo Bice, resulted in the most popular blog. Topic isn't everything, but it has a very big impact. I guess I'm not going to get anywhere blogging Alu repeats. New topic: dinosaurs. No, space dinosaurs deriving unexpected health benefits from chocolate.

The article does give some good blog advice, including focus and regular posting, which do seem to help me. And a few borderline sneaky things about gaming Google. For example, every time your chosen topic hits the news, you cut-and-paste blog from a prominent source, with the link. Soon you'll be indistinguishable from USA Today.

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