Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Make the Connection

The vastly underrated neuroscientist and philosopher Horace Barlow has speculated that the human cortex is built to be a "coincidence detector," able to detect (or construct) patterns against noisy backgrounds. I was reminded of Barlow's thesis this morning when I read these items in rapid succession:

The Smiths to be studied in Manchester conference. The Smiths' music, already recognized for its medicinal properties, will now be put under the microscope for its cultural impact on mopey teenagers. (People forget the sarcasm-- Vicar in a Tutu, Sheila Take a Bow) I don't have nearly enough of their music on my Ipod. Morrissey's famous vow of celibacy has presumably been released by the patron saint of onanism .

And An Evolutionary Basis for Acne in which acne becomes celebrated for its contraceptive effects. A team of Birmingham scientists (can't find the link) believe that acne, with its pox-like symptoms, visibly flags immature humans who are not ready for reproduction.

And lastly, the Register suggesting that IPods carry a health warning:

(The Register/ Splinter Products )

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