Sunday, February 06, 2005

What's on your doctor's Ipod?

I feel kind of guilty about propagating this, but I can't resist. It looks like a radiologist intern has reprogrammed his Ipod to carry around CT scans. It's open-source software, so you can download it yourself if you follow the link.

The reason I feel guilty-- and you can sort of sense the exasperation of the radiologist-- is that the only reason anyone cares is because it involves an Ipod. They have a 40 gig capacity, which means you can put a lot of hernias in one place. But the intern only did it because the average file is too big for a DVD. Quote:"it's a matter of time before people figure out that the iPod is just [an extra] storage device."

But I could not remain silent when I learned that he only has filled 1% of his drive with music. Someone, please help this man!

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