Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Food chain

Joseph at Corpus-Callosum talks about a young girl he admitted as a medical student. He was suspicious about a sinus infection, and ordered sinus X-Rays, and it turned out that she was suffering from histiocytosis X, meaning her skull was full of holes. It was very lucky she'd gotten the test.

The point of his post is how the glory hogs took over a medical student's good guess and turned it into an advertisement for the university. This reminds me of my doctoral defense, in which my first slide was "ten signs it's time to graduate," modeled after David Letterman. Just before my talk, my advisor stole the joke! When I ribbed him about it, he didn't miss a beat. I should wait until I'm a group leader-- then I can steal material too.

And so it is. I'm getting ready to move up in the food chain. I hope I get students who guess lucky, so I get to hog some as my job description. Who says heterotrophs are more primitive than autotrophs?

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