Thursday, February 03, 2005


This is just awesome. The case of the corrupt ref has an even greater wrinkle : In a game which had been pre-arranged for 35,000 Euro, the ref Hoyzer gets a TEXT MESSAGE! on his CELLPHONE! at halftime, saying that, if he delivers the game, he gets 50,000 instead. What I'm looking for in the future is remote play-by-pay, possibly to be performed by Ebay: the ref blows his whistle, runs the auction, and decides whether the foul was a "play on" or should be punished by death. By the way, these mobsters had some cash if they're paying 50K for a B-league game.

Two other refs are implicated in the corruption scandal: a guy named Marks and another named Schiri Jansen. Now, Jansen is really a big fish, and referees A-league games. Klaus Topmoeller, the coach who lost his job (after a match that was called by Hoyzer) is now saying that Jansen threw a late-season match Leverkusen versus St. Pauli (same as the beer) in 2001. Jansen called a suspicious hand-ball in the closing minutes of that match which tied the score, and Leverkusen lost the season championship based on that result. Jansen is insisting on his innocence "otherwise may I be struck dead." Does he wear a cell phone to work? Topmoeller is a bit hard to believe, as he seems to be claiming now that every downturn in his whole career has been caused by bent officiating.

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