Thursday, January 13, 2005

The (Steve) Jobsosphere is growing

The Register has two nice little articles ( here and here ) about the newest flavors of Ipod and the small Mac mini computer. Basically the Ipod is now the lead product which Apple will use to pull in buyers for the Mac mini and the whole Macintosh cult.
The Register thinks that if Apple is nimble enough, they could seal up the portable music player market pretty well. This would give them Wintel-like leverage in the download market. The Mac mini is supposed to be bought as a boutique computer, but to be in the house the next time a virus takes out the main, windows based pc. And like the boyfriend's best friend, Mac will be there when the breakup happens to steal you away.
What I don't know is if Apple can stay fast enough, even with Ipod. Even cell phones are going to play mp3s, and I'm not so sure that there are enough people like me who would buy something just for music. And I wouldn't write Microsoft out of the picture yet.

UPDATE: Apparently the flash-Ipod shuffle is doing pretty well.

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