Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Roaches or humans?

I got this link from Blogdex and couldn't ignore it: Blast rocks home, but roaches survive . A woman was gassing her house with insecticide, which was then ignited, probably by a pilot light. Apparently the blast was so loud that the firemen heard it at the station and just showed up.

Roaches (inside the blast) and humans (outside) are all fine. Of course, these are New Jersey roaches.

UPDATES: HBO should start a sequel to the Sopranos, entitled "the Ultrasonics," featuring the real Jersey tough guys. Bad-a-bing!

And of course, we should remember the semiretirement of Dave Barry whose last column appeared a week or so ago. Bryan Curtis is way too nice to Dave, who was genius funny, but who definitely had a formula and milked it. (If he wrote one more beer=sustenance joke I was going to smack him.) It was the right time for Dave to bow out and recharge. Still, I wonder what he could have done with the cockroach story.

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