Friday, January 14, 2005

Huygens heads for Titan

As I write, the Huygens space probe is entering Titan's atmosphere, and it should reach the surface in about an hour. Uplink of data will not begin until this afternoon (CET), so the first news of even how good the communication was will wait for a while.
Here are some links:

Timeline of splashdown at European Space Agency

Cassini-Huygens page at JPL/NASA including animation scenarios for landing on wet stuff or solids

A great site by Susan A. Kitchens, who's posting at 2:16AM: 20/20 Hindsight She says that earth scopes have picked up the carrier, so the probe has at least "woken up" properly.

I may do a Technorati later to see what's up.

UPDATE: Technorati is going nuts! There are 1800 recent weblog posts on this topic. The parachute on Huygens deployed (hurray, no Beagle ) and the probe has powered up.

UPDATE: Susan is tele-live-blogging (?) the press conference here in Germany. A huge success!

9:40 PM. German TV is showing an image with methane? rivers and drainage basins. The probe reported winds of 500 km/hr (about 310 mph)

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