Monday, January 31, 2005

Hoyzer scandal keeps rolling

Maybe I was a bit too lighthearted in my earlier post about the Hoyzer scandal, in which a German ref was bribed to influence soccer matches. I'm just now watching a game, and in the first 10 minutes a guy got a red card after an especially vicious slide tackle. The commentators immediately said the call was "voll in Ordnung" and, without mentioning Hoyzer, basically had to confirm that this ref wasn't also on the take. Ok, it really is pretty corrosive to think that the refs might be bribed.

The story continues to grow. Now, the German betting service Oddset is complaining that they had faxed the president of the German League within 48 hours of the main game in question. Why a bookie would complain about a cooked game, don't ask me. Meanwhile, Hoyzer has apparently named 9 players as being paid as well. Cool! German police have already arrested 3 players , including one who made a goal against his own team during an allegedly fixed match. For the moment, it's all in the B-leagues, but even I'm starting to wonder now.

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