Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Wardrobe malfunction

It's a bit of a challenge keeping the Santa thing going here in Germany. For one thing, he's Niklaus here, and he visits on December 6th, leaving the heavy lifting on December 25th to the Christkind (or even the Ghost of Christ, depending which house). But in our house the same guy shows up on both days.
We've managed to paper over these little inconsistencies with a steady flow of presents, and pure bluffing. The kids seem to accept that "German Santa" comes at one time, needing shoes, while "American Santa" needs carrots and shows up two weeks later. After all, as long as the loot keeps flowing, who cares who brought it? But it may have just gotten a little bit harder, as they encounter yet more Santas out in the real world.
For example, Matthew came home yesterday and announced that Santa had come to his ball club's Christmas party.
"But not the real Santa," he said, chewing on yet another huge piece of chocolate. "His beard was just made of paper."

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