Saturday, November 27, 2004

My son, the next Tom Sawyer

McDonald's in Germany is giving out little boom boxes with their Happy Meals. You get different colors, of course, and each one plays a little clip from a Germlish rock band. My son sings along, generating a total cultural mishmash-- a bilingual kid misquoting a warbling toy emitting crap lyrics sung by a German imitating an American-- all courtesy of McDonald's Deutschland. Garbage in, garbage out, but what happens if you loop the garbage out back in?
The boys got different colors, and somehow the older one convinced the younger one that it would really be better if he had them both for the day. This in the name of "sharing." At dinner last night, I began the cross-examination.

--So, what happens tomorrow? Matthew, the younger, tells me: Each kid gets one.

--But what do you get for a trade? Matthew is irritated that I don't understand: The trade is, I get to have my boom box back.

--But don't YOU get any privilege? Josef, my Tom Sawyer-in-training, looks a little uncomfortable, but Matthew is adamant: It's very easy Daddy. First, Josef gets it. Tomorrow, I get it.

Game, set, match.
By the way, Josef still hasn't given it back this morning.

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