Monday, November 08, 2004

Medium Dad

Well we never made it to the pool yesterday. We headed out in good spirits, but unfortunately too close to lunchtime. Then we missed the first bus, and sat parked in the next one until the 20 minutes had gone by.
The trouble really started at the connection, which should have been about 15 minutes. It was raining and cold, and it was crowded in the tiny bus shelter. My older son was hungry, and he ate his sandwich and half of mine, and Matthew also ate all of the salami slices. But they were bored, and started wrestling each other, and I had to keep telling them to settle down. 30 seconds' peace, then wrestling again, then another warning. Quiet, then more squabbling. Still no bus.
Finally they started bickering over the kickboard and I finally pulled the plug, and we headed back. The boys protested, but I had had it. The connection bus arrived just as we left. On the return trip Josef burst into tears and Matthew was pretty hostile. I really hate seeing Josef cry. I was having second thoughts, but as the rain turned to sleet, I imagined trying to get them home after two hours' splashing around.

I managed to make peace with Josef by making hot cocoa with cinnamon. Within 20 minutes they were upstairs playing. I think I was the only one still feeling bad about the missed chance.

We started butting heads again at bathtime. They have a game involving tigers, dinosaurs, superheroes and quite a lot of splashing. More warnings about confiscating toys. I left the bathroom and I overheard Matthew: "we sure have a mean Daddy."

Josef thought for a minute. "No, just medium."

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