Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Peak experience

Our youngest son, now seven month old, crawls across the floor elbow over elbow, commando style, and uses his head as a balance point when he's clambering over cushions. Because he's not properly crawling, then, we were pretty suprised to see him reach and pull up and stand, using our television. Maybe suprised is too simple an emotion: it's a blend of pride and alarm that must be peculiar to parents with multiple kids. We had no idea he was getting ready for this!

When he gets up, he just stands there, slapping the upper surface (it's a small TV)>, his knees periodically buckling out from under him. We're the ones who aren't ready. And he's not satisfied there. He now tries pulling up on anything, from the sofas to his brothers' toy boxes, with mixed results. I caught him standing up over the crib railing last night. Yikes!

The striking thing for me is the exact species of joy on his face. He is completely focused on his new capability, so his face actually holds only the faintest of smiles. He raises his hands and slaps them down with deliberateness and even intensity. Yes really--and I know this is an infant! But his mind must be racing. He reminds me of a scientist's focus when coming across something brand new. I think the mental states must be very similar. I wouldn't be embarassed to be called childlike. Certainly my ability to keep to a schedule resembles that of one with no conception of time.

Getting down is tricky. He usually just face-plants himself off the side. Then he clambers off and starts chewing on a superhero toy, and all is right with the world again.

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