Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Lukewarm for Kerry

Kevin Drum of Washington Monthly blog goes over the big pile of Kerry endorsements at Slate. The biggest trend is how lukewarm the committed Dems seem toward him; whereas more independent Mickey Kaus and Christopher Hitchens are incrementally more passionate. Kevin and I both like Mickey's choice of words best of all-

"I'm voting for Kerry, mainly because I think Bush is prosecuting the fight against terrorism in a way that will make us dramatically less safe unless we have a conspicuous change at the top."

This seems intuitive to me, but the bulk of the Slate writers, (and a big section of electorate) have not been convinced of this. Well, there's a week still to go.
Both campaigns are wheeling out surrogates- Clinton in Pennsylvania, and, most likely Ahnold in Ohio. I think Schwarzenegger, if he shows, will have the bigger impact. I know Kerry has left African Americans unenthused, but Bill just doesn't have enough time to do his magic. Whatever you think of Schwarzenegger, he's undeniably strong with the base.
Real Clear Politics has shown a durable, albeit small, Bush average lead, and for me that means Kerry still needs to bring it if he wants to win.

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