Thursday, September 09, 2004

Genesis crash

The Genesis probe has crashed to earth instead of being caught in midair. This spacecraft was holding miniscule samples of solar wind matter, which may well be lost for analysis if they were contaminated with even a few milligrams of earth dust upon impact.
What a bummer! I can't help thinking about the Ph.D. students and others who really wanted to see these samples. Keat's telescope-- astronomy really has that potential for just thrilling new possibilities. And, being in the career grind myself, I can just picture the professional delays for everyone who wanted this project to be the basis for their next career step. I have the luxury of clicking onto the Mars probes or the Cassini mission, but the career people do not. Please don't worry, people, it's all good.

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jenpw65 said...

It is all good. I am reminded of something I read by Garrison Keillor just today:"I't's a beautiful world, rain or shine, and there is more to life
than winning".